Home Automation Module – COMBOX ©

ComBox device was developed for controlling  all the peripherals in the room (such as TV, curtain, patient’s bed, air conditioner, lamp, etc.) wirelessly via a single central unit. It can regenerate the controlling signals of the IR (Infra Red) and RF (Radio Frequency) remote controlled devices. Inside the device, an Arduino 2560 hardware development platform, which is open source, was used. It communicates with the laptop or tablet via the Bluetooth LE protocol. When needed, it can be accessed over a USB connection as well.

With its 433 MHz ASK type transmitter it generates the RF control signals that are needed for controlling for example the patient’s bed or the roller. The IR controlling signals are generated with the help of IR Leds radiating at 940 nm. These Leds are positioned such that each is perpendicular to the next one for a complete covering.

Images of ComBox

Block Diagram of ComBox